About Henri Sivonen

Photo of Henri Sivonen’s faceI am a software developer based in Helsinki, Finland. I work for Mozilla (but opinions expressed on this site are my own, etc., etc.). I mainly work on stuff above networking and below layout, notably the HTML parser and character encoding converters. Previouly, I developed an HTML5 validator and represented Mozilla on the HTML Working Group of the W3C.

In 2007, I graduated as Master of Science (Technology) from Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I wrote my master’s thesis about HTML5 validation.

Contact Info

My primary email address is hsivonen@hsivonen.fi. Previously, I have used the email address hsivonen@iki.fi, which remains forwarded to hsivonen@hsivonen.fi.

However, I’m constantly near email bankruptcy, so other ways of communication are likely to work better. For questions about Firefox or Gecko, please consider using the dev-platform mailing list. For questions about HTML5 validation or the validator, please consider using the WHATWG help list instead of emailing me directly. For short things, tweeting to @hsivonen on Twitter or finding hsivonen on the #whatwg IRC channel on Freenode works better than email.

Please don’t email me about link exhange proposals or about translations whose main purpose is to get me to link to a particular site. I don’t participate in SEO schemes.

Finding Me on Various Services

FacebookI am not on Facebook
Google Docshsivonen@gmail.com
LinkedInI am not on LinkedIn

GPG Keys

I do not use GPG for email. If you send me GPG-encrypted email, it is likely that I end up not reading it.

Starting from the beginning of July 2013, I intend to use the following key for code signing. (The certifacation key is only for key signing. There is a signing subkey for other signatures—particularly code signing.) This key is available (insecurely; you need to check the fingerprint) via DNS PKA (gpg --auto-key-locate pka).

pub   4096R/A429300434296AC0 2013-07-03
      Key fingerprint = 3E95 6FC6 CE0B CAA8 F509  D291 A429 3004 3429 6AC0
uid                          Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@hsivonen.fi>

Prior to July 2013, I used the following key (the certifacation key itself) for code signing.

pub   1024D/CEE122264BF78053 2008-02-26
      Key fingerprint = F48B 82DF CB8E C84C 5418  01FC CEE1 2226 4BF7 8053
uid                          Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>

For completeness, I have signed transition statement.

Note: Someone other than me uploaded keys with colliding short key IDs with mine (with my name and email address on them; possibly created as part of the Evil32 research, but I did not bother to check) to public key servers. Do not use short key IDs!


For authorizing me for SSH access: SSH public key (GPG signature)