An HTML5 Conformance Checker

My master’s thesis.

Available Formats


The preferred online version.


Recommended for printing. Generated from the XHTML+SVG version. Corresponds to the official print version.


The official paper copy is no longer available at the library of Aalto University as it was cut apart when it was digitized. The official scanned version is available from the library of Aalto University, but it provides no practical benefit over the original PDF above. (Note: The number of pages differs from the original PDF, because the scan omits pages that were left blank in order to make chapters start on the right-hand side of a printed spread.)


For browsers that were current at the time of writing the thesis.


For browsers that were legacy even at the time of writing the thesis.

Source Files

Recreating the PDF from the source files requires the following proprietary fonts: Palatino (copy), Courier (code) and Electra LT Regular (logo).

Build Tools

The XHTML+SVG and HTML+PNG versions were built from the source files using bib4ht (archived copy of the exact version). The PDF was built from the XHTML+SVG version using Prince 6.0 (alpha 2007-03-23).

java fi.iki.hsivonen.bib4ht.Main dippa dippa html5-conformance-checker
prince html5-conformance-checker.xhtml

The hyphenation control CSS properties have changed in newer builds of Prince, so the style sheet does not work as intended in newer builds.

Status of the Thesis

The thesis has been approved (grade 5 out of 5) by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Helsinki University of Technology.

Presentation Slides