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Packages that use SAXDriver
fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 This package contains Ælfred2, which includes an enhanced SAX2-compatible version of the Ælfred non-validating XML parser, a modular (and hence optional) DTD validating parser, and modular (and hence optional) JAXP glue to those. 

Uses of SAXDriver in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2

Fields in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 declared as SAXDriver
private  SAXDriver XmlReader.aelfred2
private  SAXDriver XmlParser.handler

Methods in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 with parameters of type SAXDriver
(package private)  void XmlParser.setHandler(SAXDriver handler)
          Set the handler that will receive parsing events.