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Packages that use XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers
fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 This package contains Ælfred2, which includes an enhanced SAX2-compatible version of the Ælfred non-validating XML parser, a modular (and hence optional) DTD validating parser, and modular (and hence optional) JAXP glue to those. 

Uses of XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2

Fields in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 declared as XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers
(package private)  XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers XmlParser.EntityInfo.ids

Methods in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 that return XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers
 XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers XmlParser.getEntityIds(String ename)
          Return an external entity's identifiers.
private  XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers XmlParser.readExternalIds(boolean inNotation, boolean isSubset)
          Try reading external identifiers.

Methods in fi.iki.hsivonen.gnu.xml.aelfred2 with parameters of type XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers
private  void XmlParser.pushURL(boolean isPE, String ename, XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers ids, Reader aReader, InputStream aStream, String aEncoding, boolean doResolve)
          Push, or skip, a new external input source.
private  void XmlParser.setExternalEntity(String eName, int eClass, XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers ids, String nName)
          Register an external entity declaration for later retrieval.
private  void XmlParser.setNotation(String nname, XmlParser.ExternalIdentifiers ids)
          Report a notation declaration, checking for duplicates.