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Uses of Cell in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table

Fields in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table declared as Cell
private  Cell[] RowGroup.cellsOnCurrentRow
          A temporary copy of cellsIfEffect sorted differently.
private  Cell[] RowGroup.EMPTY_CELL_ARRAY
          Runtime type constant.

Fields in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table with type parameters of type Cell
private  SortedSet<Cell> RowGroup.cellsIfEffect
          The set of cells from previous rows that are still in effect extending downwards.
private  List<Cell> Table.cellsReferringToHeaders
          A list of cells that refer to headers (in the document order).

Methods in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table with parameters of type Cell
(package private)  void Table.cell(Cell cell)
          Reports a cell whose positioning has been decided back to the table so that column bookkeeping can be done.
 void RowGroup.cell(Cell cell)
 int cell0, Cell cell1)
 int cell0, Cell cell1)
 void Cell.errOnHorizontalOverlap(Cell laterCell)
          Emit errors if this cell and the argument overlap horizontally.