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Packages that use ColumnRange

Uses of ColumnRange in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table

Fields in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table declared as ColumnRange
private  ColumnRange Table.currentColRange
          The range under inspection.
private  ColumnRange Table.first
          The head of the column range list.
private  ColumnRange Table.last
          The tail of the column range list.
private  ColumnRange
          The next range in the linked list of ranges.
private  ColumnRange Table.previousColRange
          The previous range that was inspected.

Methods in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table that return ColumnRange
(package private)  ColumnRange ColumnRange.getNext()
          Returns the next.
(package private)  ColumnRange ColumnRange.removeColumn(int column)
          Removes a column from the range possibly asking it to be destroyed or splitting it.

Methods in fi.iki.hsivonen.xml.checker.table with parameters of type ColumnRange
private  void Table.appendColumnRange(ColumnRange colRange)
          Appends a column range to the linked list of column ranges.
(package private)  void ColumnRange.setNext(ColumnRange next)
          Sets the next.