Package dualroids

Class Summary
Arena The game arena that holds all the spatial objects.
Asteroid The representation of an asteroid in the model.
Bullet The representation of a bullet.
Client The helper class for running Client threads.
ClientModelConnector The client-side interface to network.
GameFrame The game window.
HighScoreHandler A class for handling the high score file.
InputHandler Class for handling keyboard input and windowClosing window event.
Runner This class shows the setup dialogs to the user and starts the game.
Server The Dualroids game server.
ServerModelConnector The server-side interface to network.
ShipStatePump Pumps the ship state to the server.
SpaceArea Draws the actual playing field.
SpaceShip The representation of a space ship.
SpatialObject The common superclass for all spatial objects.

Exception Summary
GameOverException Thrown to indicate the end of the game.

Dualroids was written by Oskar Ojala, Yrjö Kari-Koskinen and Henri Sivonen