Photo Group Feed

Flickr doesn’t provide feeds for private groups. It doesn’t provide feeds for comments on photos in a group, either. It is reasonable to want such feeds, so here’s a script that generates them on your HTTP server.


  1. Make sure you have Python 2.4 installed.

  2. Make sure you have Pygenx installed where Python 2.4 can find it.

  3. Make sure you have Beej’s Python Flickr API installed where Python 2.4 can find it. (My copy of Beej’s Python Flickr API has this patch applied.)

  4. Download the script. It is licensed under the MIT/expat license.

  5. Get a Flickr API key for a desktop application and the associated shared secret.

  6. Make a directory for the output of the script. This directory should be served out by your HTTP server. E.g. /path/to/www/root/directory/. Also make subdirectories /path/to/www/root/directory/feed/ and /path/to/www/root/directory/comments/feed/.

  7. Make a file at /path/to/www/root/directory/updated.txt and write a single ASCII zero (“0”) as the contents of the file. (The script doesn’t make this file for you to prevent accidental writing in directories that haven’t been prepared this way. And because I am lazy.)

  8. Limit HTTP access to the directory using HTTP Basic authentication to keep your group private.

  9. Configure your HTTP server to serve .xhtml files as application/xhtml+xml and .atom files as application/atom+xml.

  10. Add index.xhtml and index.atom as directory index file names.

  11. Edit the #! line of the script to point to your Python 2.4 interpreter.

  12. Edit the configuration variables.

  13. Give the execute permission to the script.

  14. Run the script from the command line.

  15. Assuming that you are running the API library with my patch, copy the authorization URL to your browser, grant access and then press return on the command line to let the script continue. The authentication token will be saved.

  16. Add the script to your .crontab so that the script is run periodically.

  17. Add files /path/to/www/root/directory/style.css and /path/to/www/root/directory/comments/style.css so that the XHTML views appear to your liking. (Mine look like this: style.css for the pool view and style.css for the comments view.)

  18. Announce the URLs (see below) and the access credentials in the Flickr group description.


Assuming that your rootUrl is “”, the URLs are:

Known Issues