Thesis Defense on XForms

On Friday 2007-01-12, I went to listen to the thesis defense of Mikko Honkala. The title of his doctoral thesis is Web user interaction – a declarative approach based on XForms. The opponents were Jean Vanderdonckt and Dave Raggett. The custos was Petri Vuorimaa.

Here are some notes that I scribbled down. I got the heads up about the thesis defense 40 minutes before showtime, so I haven’t read the thesis, yet.

What interests me the most is how well the “write once” promise works and how much modality-specific CSS and XBL is needed in practice. Also, an obvious question that comes to mind is: “What does this mean for Web Forms 2.0?” It would be interesting to hear about experience of implementing a voice client for Web Forms 2.0. However, as far as I know, this has not been tried, yet. Like X-Smiles, Web Forms 2.0 user agents are also expected to support CSS and, eventually, XBL. The question becomes: Is UI engine access to a declarative data model essential for multimodality?