Built-in Accessibility Roles in HTML5

A quick table of WAI-ARIA roles and what HTML 5 provides natively for each role as of July 2007.

roletype Various (this is like an abstract superclass)
widget Various (this is a superclass, too)
input input, textarea, select
textbox input type='text', textarea
select select
range input type='range'
section section and implicit sections induced by headings and the outline algorithm
sectionhead h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
window The top-level browsing context, html
a, link
combobox input type='text' list='...', input type='email' list='...', input type='url' list='...'
option option
checkbox input type='checkbox'
checkboxtristate Missing
radio input type='radio'
radiogroup input type='radio' elements having the same value for the name attribute
button input type='button', button
command type='radio'
command type='checkbox'
progressbar progress
secret input type='password'
separator hr
slider input type='range'
spinbutton input type='number' step='...' min='...' max='...'
textarea textarea, * contenteditable='true'
textfield input type='text'
tree datagrid (note that datagrid is not a pure tree but a grid whose rows can be collapsed)
treegroup Sibling rows inside a datagrid—ability to subdivide such groups missing
treeitem A row inside a datagrid
status Missing
alert Missing
alertdialog Missing
dialog Missing
presentation Missing
application Missing
document html
group For grouping form parts: fieldset—in the general case: missing
imgroup figure for captioned single image—multi-image grouping missing
directory Missing
region iframe, article
liveregion output
log Missing
grid datagrid
gridcell A cell inside the datagrid model.
tabpanel Missing (removed deliberately; used to be in earlier drafts)
tab Missing
tabcontent Missing (removed deliberately)
table table
td td
th th
rowheader th scope='row'
columnheader th scope='column'
list ol, ul
listitem li
toolbar created implicitly in the when there’s at least one menu type='toolbar'
Missing (deliberately, AFAIK)
nav denotes navigation in general. It isn’t guaranteed to denote breadcrumbs specifically, though.