ISO Opens Up a Little

It turns out that ISO now has some standards on the Web. That’s good, but putting all of them there in a Web-friendly format would be even better.

IETF, W3C and OASIS have their specs online. At the same time, ISO has kept its specs offline. Even though in theory ISO is supposed to be the most authoritative standards body out there, specs that are available to anyone via an HTTP GET win over those that aren’t. (Also, given an OASIS spec and its ISO “equivalent”, the OASIS spec is more readable due to reader-hostile ISO drafting rules.) A number of ISO committees have been making their last drafts available on Web, which has lead into a situation where people read last draft instead of the real standards.

Now ISO has made some standards publicly available on the Web, which is a very welcome move. Although I welcome the move, they could do much better.

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