The Content Sink Inheritance Diagram – 2006-06-30

I have discovered that my previous diagram showed only a part of the inheritance graph below nsIContentSink. There is more.

A class diagram with more boxes than before I have updated the diagram. Again, it is available in three formats:

In related news, my plan was too prudent on not being incremental with XBL, XHR, etc. The flushing code will probably run in those cases as well. Also, it appears that the Yellow Screen of Death is staying.

It turns out that CDT was actually hurting my productivity. After leaving CDT, the progress has been so much better. The new RAM has helped, too. When I had 1.5 GB of RAM, I got the SBBoD in XCode as well, but now with 3.5 GB of RAM XCode is actually fast, which is nice. (The key difference seems to be that with slack memory there no need to evict stuff from real memory when gdb launches.)

Oh, by the way, I have witnessed Hixie’s test case load incrementally in Gecko.