Oops! I broke MathML – 2006-07-05

Or, well, one could argue that it was already broken but my content sink changes and a suitably crafted test case just exposed the layout issues that were already there.

After I saw the breakage, I added “IsMonolithicContainer” checks to the XML content sink and made the mtr element monolithic. It didn’t help, so I made math monolithic. Now the results depend on interaction with the event loop.

There’s a test case, but it is useless without my content sink changes.

Actual results (varying pointing device waving throughout parsing):

Nested matrices some of which are not rendered properly

Expected results (also actual results from the same build but with vigorous pointing device waving):

Nested matrices rendering properly

I constructed an XHTML table test case that has the same table structure as the MathML test case. It is laid out properly regardless of how I wave the pointing device. (I made XHTML tr monolithic as well.)

Will the Reflow Branch fix this?

There’s a thread for comments in mozilla.dev.tech.mathml.