Kesäkoodi Wrap-Up – 2006-09-19

The last week of Kesäkoodi stretched to two sparse weeks. Here are the main points:

In Summary

Here’s a very short summary of what went right and wrong.

What Went Right?

What Went Wrong?


Since objectives were reached (except for check-in), I think the project was successful.

I’d like to thank COSS/Hermia, FILOSI, Nokia, IBM, Ericsson, Novell and everyone who helped make the project happen. (I don’t know if everyone who helped behind the scenes want to be named, so I’ll leave this on a general level.)

What’s Next

I’ll continue work on my Master’s Thesis and the associated HTML5 conformance checking software—with funding from the Mozilla Foundation. I won’t be working on Firefox actively. I expect the content sink code to get into CVS later this year. Realistically, I don’t expect the font zoom code to end up in the Mozilla CVS repository. I expect the bulk of my clipboard code to be used in the Cocoa widget implementation once someone else writes a companion drag&drop implementation.