Thou Shalt Not Spec a Feature that Might Inadvertently Compete with RDF when Used Contrary to How It Is Designed to Be Used

From the minutes of the TAG meeting on November 2nd 2009:

RESOLUTION: to request that the data-* section be removed from the HTML 5 spec

A bit later:

[Sam Ruby]: hmm... not sure I’d heard concerns around data-* before

[Paul Cotton]: right; don’t expect the WG to be familiar with that.

[Tim Berners-Lee]: data-* competes with URI-based designs such as RDFa

[Sam Ruby]: odd... data-* is local to a page... i.e. to be consumed by js on the page, not by crawlers

[Tim Berners-Lee]: but once there’s lots of useful data-* data somewhere, crawlers will want to crawl

[Sam Ruby]: hmm... yes, I can see the inevitability of that. hmm.

(Link to spec added and names expanded.)