SVG Filter Effects in HTML without External References

The project of putting an HTML5 parser inside Gecko has progressed. I merged in code from the trunk in order to experiment with cool new stuff such as SVG filter effects for HTML.

There have been many unobvious changes since I last blogged (this list is not exhaustive):

Here’s a demo that uses SVG filter effects and clipping path on the HTML5 <video> element without resorting to external file references. (The video is just some file I happened to have on the server already.) Here’s a screenshot.

You can get the latest HTML5 parsing-enabled builds for 32-bit Mac, Linux and Windows from the try server. (Look for the latest directory with “hsivonen” in the name.) A word of warning, though: The current builds are crashy.

When loading the HTML5 spec, the HTML5 parser-enabled builds exhibit the same weirdness as trunk builds: there’s a huge gray rectangle at the top of the page. I don’t know where it comes from (there’s only one <body> element in the DOM, and the gray rectangle is the bottom of <body>), but it’s not an HTML5 parsing problem, since the trunk has it, too.