Unused Icons

I went to the HUT library to find The Handbook and Weaving the Web. In order to find out the shelf location of the latter, I logged on to one of the Windows computers.

[A balloon sticking out of the system tray telling me there are unused icons on my desktop] I was greeted with a work flow-interrupting balloon much like the one depicted here.

(Sharp-eyed readers notice that the bubble screenshot has been taken on a different occasion. This is not the first time that I have considered the wizardiness of Windows worthy of a screenshot, so I already had the bubble picture in stock.)

Since the desktop was in its default state I thought I’d let the wizard do its thing just for fun. I activated the Wizard and hit return a few times. The wizard told me that I hadn’t used IE since January and, therefore, IE was unused and would be moved aside.

Apparently, the MS Web domination policy says that the IE icon has to stay, but the wizard does not know this. In the end, the IE icon was still there but there was now an additional item on the desktop: a useless folder holding a copy of the IE icon.

Yay, Microsoftiness!

[The IE icon on the desktop and a folder holding a copy of the IE icon]