Package fi.karppinen.xml

Interface Summary
XmlDeclarationHandler This is an unofficial SAX extension interface for receiving a notification when an XML declaration is seen.

Class Summary
AstralContentFilter This filter replaces astral characters with U+FFFD REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.
BodyContentPassFilter This filter supresses all ContentHandler events except those that happen between XHTML 1.x body start and end.
ContentHandlerEventConsumer An adapter for continuing a GNU JAXP-style pipeline into a row ContentHandler.
FormActionInjector Adds an action attribute to XHTML 1.x form elements.
HardwiredFileEntityResolver Always returns a byte stream from a predefined file.
LangUtil Converts between Locale and XML-compatible language codes.
MarkdownTagSoupInputSource Makes it possible to feed Markdown source to and then to TagSoup.
MethodInvocator Invokes a method named in a PI.
RootLangInjector Adds an xml:lang attribute to the root element.
SimpleParagraphParser Parses plain text with double line break paragraph breaks as XHTML 1.x paragraphs.
StringInjector Replaces PIs of the form <?string key?> with the toString() of the corresponding value in the Map given to the constructor.
XhtmlEmitter Additional methods to XhtmlSaxEmitter.